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enter all the monsters . . .

let us twist another faerie tale.

the girl on the wall.
12 March 1986
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I'm Jess. I'm interesting, I'm boring, I'm unique . . .  Meh. I was sick of my old bio; new one is coming in the near future, perhaps.


a fire inside, a.f.i., aaahh!!! real monsters, adam carson, adult swim, advertising, afi, alexis bledel, allan houston, american dad, ancient egypt, anime, annwfn, anti-bush, aqua teen hunger force, arthurian legend, austin powers, basketball, being different, being nocturnal, biology, blaqk audio, camelot, captain jack sparrow, caroline b. cooney, celtic mythology, chibi goku, christopher masterson, coffee, collective soul, cowboy bebop, daria, darkness, darkwing duck, daron malakian, davey havok, demetri martin, dragonball, dragonball z, driving aimlessly, druidism, duckman, eating disorders, eve 6, excalibur, faeries, family guy, fire, fonts, frankie muniz, freedom of expression, french, fresh prince of bel-air, futurama, game shows, goo goo dolls, graphic design, green day, having fun, hey arnold!, hot topic, html, hunter burgan, icons, irish, jade puget, king arthur, korn, le morte d'arthur, legolas, lit, long beach dub allstars, lord of the rings, love hina, lupin the 3rd, lurlene mcdaniel, malcolm in the middle, manga, medieval history, meet the parents, merlin, mixology, monkeys, mordred, mvm, nba, new jersey, new york knicks, nine inch nails, nothingface, orlando bloom, paganism, papa roach, photography, photoshop, piercings, pinhead gunpowder, pirates of the caribbean, rage against the machine, ray munns, reach 454, red hot chili peppers, ren and stimpy, rob zombie, rock music, rocko's modern life, scars on broadway, scattergories, scrabble, scrubs, serj tankian, sex, shaun of the dead, silverchair, sleeping, son of sam, south park, stabbing westward, steve nash, stewie griffin, sublime, system of a down, tennis, the 10th kingdom, the butterfly effect, the camulod chronicles, the colbert report, the critic, the daily show, the fairly oddparents, the honeymooners, the living end, the mists of avalon, the oblongs, the offspring, the warlord chronicles, the wizard of oz, third eye blind, tiger army, trent reznor, trigun, tuatha dé danann, vegetarianism, web designing, welsh, witches, witchmoon, writing, yu yu hakusho, zoolander